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Barbara Mandrell's classic tune "I Was Country (When Country Wasn't Cool) pretty much sums up Melissa Mickelson. Before settling in Oregon, Melissa grew up as an Air Force brat, moving between bases in Oklahoma and Texas. Her best memories as a kid was when the family would listen to the vinyls of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. For as long as she can remember she found herself singing in her hairbrush and dreaming of being on the stage in the bright lights. Today, with the release of her self titled EP she is realizing that dream.

The 4 song EP is her first attempt at studio recording and has received strong praise from the veteran Nashville musicians she was fortunate to work with. "The goal of the album was to take traditional country and make it modernly relevant." Melissa said. This made covering 'I was country' an obvious choice for her.

"I wanted to respect Barbara's song, but bring it up to date. Today, country is "cool" again. It's the most popular genre in America, and there are lots of stars out there crossing over to try and take advantage of that, but it's all I've ever known! I remember being a small town Oklahoma girl in my dad's pickup truck, listening to a Randy Travis cassette on the way to the fishing hole!" said Melissa. 

"Another Thing Comin'" the first single from the EP was co-wrote by Melissa and Nashville song writer Benji Harris. "I really wanted an anthem for a girls night out." Melissa said. "I want to be able to go out with my girlfriends and have a good time, and not have to worry about creepers, especially those that don't respect marital status!"

Melissa has been on a meteoric rise with her live performances, burning up the Northwest's honky tonks and bars. In the last year she has exposed thousands of people to her blend of traditional country, blues and rock and roll. Melissa's fun, high energy performances make her a fan favorite at the premier dance halls in the Portland area. Her determination and work ethic is second to none and she is on a mission to carve out her own niche in a highly competitive market.



West Linn Tidings July 2015

Revisiting her childhood home town: Altus, OK

“Melissa has the passion, energy, and pure talent of an emerging superstar” - “B-Dub” 98.7 The Bull

”Melissa Mickelson has what it takes to be the next shining star. Her smooth and sultry voice resonates the blueness of her Texas roots and has a vulnerability to it that establishes her as an up and coming artist in the world of country music” - Vinnie Talbot, KMHD2

”If you have a dream and you feel the drive and the passion to make it a reality, do it. Don’t wait.” - Melissa Mickelson

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